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Areas we cover include Carrol County MD, Baltimore County MD, Howard County MD, Frederick County MD, York County PA, Adams County PA, Lancaster County PA, Cumberland County PA, Dauphin County PA, and so many more! 

Discounted real
estate properties. 

Easy online access 
for quick decisions. 

Properties acquired with 
huge upside potential.

Bring out the profits that are hidden in the rehab.

We understand that finding a good deal in real estate in today's market can be challenging. We have a team that specializes in finding properties at an extreme discount and then bring them right to you!

Quick, easy, and no strings attached. No credit card required.

Why choose us? 

Decade worth of real estate investing experience 

Are you looking to sell your home for top dollar and as fast as humanly possible? Do you want to find properties that have huge upside profit potential? Maybe, you just want to find a deal that requires little work with a solid upside? Let Modern Style Staging take the work out of the equation, and bring the properties right to you. 

I remember when I was first getting started in real estate I had the hardest time negotiating, finding a deal, and getting a big enough discount where my purchase actually made sense. After a decade of investing we have finally found a system that gets premium properties, pennies on the dollar, and makes the buying experience for our investors 1000 times more efficient. 

Jacob bopst - Real Estate Investor

Other Consultation Services

Virtual Staging at $72

Transform your listing by turning vacant rooms into beautiful, stylish, virtually staged spaces.

  • The Most Photo-Realistic & Affordable Virtual Home Staging
  • Lightning Fast Turnaround Times To Meet Your Deadline
  • Unlimited Revisions On Every Staging Order
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction - You aren't satisfied? We Fix it. 

Photo Realistic Virtual Staging Done For You

Let's Get STarted!

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