What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Flooring?

Gray is a neutral color, and it looks great in almost every room. The problem is that it can look boring or even depressing.

What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Flooring

If you want to add some life to your home, then you should consider adding some colorful accents.

But the problem is, what color furniture goes with gray flooring? Well, we’ve got some great suggestions.

Furniture Colors That Goes With Gray Flooring

Gray is a very versatile color, so there are many different ways to use it.

It’s not just for walls and floors; it can also be used on everything from curtains to rugs. This is why our first choice of color is…

Gray Furniture

Like we said, gray is a very versatile color. Just because you have gray floors doesn’t mean you can’t have gray furniture too.

You can easily find gray furniture at any store. Having gray on gray creates a very classic, formal theme.

To add to this, think about what shade of gray you want to go for. If your flooring is dark gray it might be a good idea to go for light gray furniture.

If the flooring is light gray then dark gray furniture would work well. This creates a subtle contrast and means the room isn’t overwhelmingly gray.

Be sure to pick your wall colors carefully, as this would only work so long as your walls are NOT gray.

If your walls are gray too, then this will be way too much gray.

Black Furniture

Black furniture is a great match to gray flooring. Black is a much darker version of gray, but still has a lot of variety within itself.

There are lots of black furniture options out there, but they all tend to be more expensive than their gray counterparts.

If you’re looking for something really special then you could always get an antique piece.

These pieces are usually made from wood and come in various shapes and sizes. They can be quite pricey, though.

But they match gray flooring very well, particularly when in black.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money, then you could always opt for a modern black sofa.

Modern furniture tends to be sleek and stylish which makes them perfect for homes with gray flooring.

White Furniture

White furniture is another option when it comes to matching up gray flooring.

White is a lighter version of gray, so if you have gray flooring then you can definitely have white furniture, as the two colors blend well but not so much that they fall into one another completely.

This works best if you have a white ceiling too. When you combine these two things together it creates a very bright, crisp feeling.

If you don’t have a white ceiling then you’ll need to make sure you choose a pale gray instead.

The other thing to keep in mind is that white furniture is often seen as being more formal than its gray counterpart.

So if you’re going for a more casual feel, then you may struggle to find anything suitable.

Brown Furniture

Brown Furniture

Brown furniture is a great alternative to gray. Brown is a warm tone, and it’s one of the most popular colors right now.

The reason it’s such a big trend is that it looks great against almost every type of flooring.

If you have gray flooring then you should look into getting brown furniture. It’s a great neutral color that works with virtually any style or design.

There are lots of brown furniture options out there, and they range in price.

Either way, you’ll end up with a nice piece of furniture that matches your home perfectly. You can even mix and match your furniture.

For instance, you could have a brown couch and a brown coffee table.

Then you can put a few throw pillows on top of the sofa to create a cozy spot to sit down and read a book.

Purple Furniture

Purple may not be the obvious choice, but it actually works fantastically with gray flooring.

Purple is a vibrant color that stands out against the gray background.

It’s also a color that’s trending right now, so you won’t have trouble finding purple furniture. You can either buy new furniture or repurpose some old stuff.

Whatever you do, just make sure you pick a deep purple color so it doesn’t clash with the rest of the room.

Purple furniture with gray flooring creates a fun, casual vibe that encourages joy.

It’s a great combination for anyone who wants to add a little extra sparkle to their living space.

Red Furniture

Red and gray together work surprisingly well. Red is a bolder shade than gray, so it brings a lot of energy to the room.

This means that red will stand out against gray much better than blue or green would.

Red is also a classic color that never goes out of fashion. So if you want to stay ahead of the trends then this is the color for you.

However, you shouldn’t go overboard with red. Too much red can look garish and overbearing.

As long as you use it sparingly then you’ll still achieve a great result.

Multi-Colored Furniture

We don’t mean rainbow-striped sofas. When we say multi-coloured furniture we mean furniture of lots of different colors.

For example, you could have a brown coffee table and red sofa and it would match quite well with your gray flooring.

This kind of furniture is perfect for people who like to experiment with decorating styles.

They’re always looking for something new and exciting, so why not give them what they want?

Matching colors doesn’t always mean having everything the same color. So long as the colors compliment each other, they’ll go perfectly.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing furniture, you really only need three basic rules:

  1. Match the wall color
  2. Match the carpet color
  3. Match the flooring color

These three simple guidelines will help you get started.

Once you’ve got those sorted then you can start thinking about how you’d like to arrange your furniture. But that’s another article.

Erica Bopst