What Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls?

Curtains are a great way to add style and personality to your home. They also provide privacy from unwanted visitors or intruders. 

What Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls?

This notoriously difficult to pair with color can easily clash if you’re not careful! But, we’ve got a few amazing examples to show you that everything is possible!

From sunshiny prints to subtle linen accents, have a look at these examples of the best color curtains to go with yellow walls!


When it comes to yellow rooms, white is always a classic choice! It brings a light and airy feel to any room, especially one with a bold color.

Check out these Sheer White Curtains from Wayfair for example, a perfect complement to yellow walls. 

Textured White

Another great example of white curtains is these Textured White Curtains, perfect for all seasons, and for keeping heat indoors.

With the fun yellow accents, this will bring out all of the fun yellow colors from your walls with a neutral color to complement the bright shades. 


Opt for a boho-inspired vibe with these beautiful teal curtains, perfect to balance soft yellow walls, or a bright and bold color.

Check out this great set from Walmart of all places!


A classic accompaniment for yellow, why not try a beautiful navy blue to inject some drama into your room.

This is an awesome set of Navy Blue Curtains from Etsy for example, especially in this dreamy summer linen. A perfect complementary color to yellow walls. 


If you want to bring nature inside, opt for a green curtain instead!

This gorgeous Green Curtain Set from Discover Curtains will give your space a fresh and natural vibe, and pairs perfectly with both buttery shades of yellow walls and more sunshiny shades as well for a festive feeling. 


Black is a stunning alternative to white when going for a bold yellow shade on your walls.

The contrast between black and yellow creates a dramatic effect that’s sure to turn heads! Try these Black Curtains from BES Home to get started.

This kind of color choice looks better with patterned curtains so you don’t get too much of a ‘bumblebee’ vibe. 


Golden tones are a favorite among homeowners looking for a bold statement piece.

Pairing gold curtains with a bright yellow wall or a mustard yellow is a great way to inject some life into your space.

This Gold Curtain Set from Urban Outfitters is a great example.

Black And White Chevron

The combination of black and white stripes makes for a very modern and sleek style.

If you love the clean lines of black and white but also want a pop of color, consider adding chevron curtains to your space.

This Black & White Chevron Curtain Set from Rustic Tuesday is a great option for a pale yellow wall.


Stripes and plaid are a fun way to add visual interest to your space without being overbearing.

This Plaid Curtain Set from Etsy show they can be used to add character to any space.

Baby Blue

Blue is one of those colors that goes with everything. It works equally well with pastels and brighter hues, giving it a versatility that’s hard to find elsewhere.

This Baby Blue Curtain Set from Table Cloths Factory gives you a few options to choose from depending on what type of feel you’re after and teams perfectly with yellow for a baby’s nursery!

Honey Orange

Orange is such a happy color! It brings warmth and vibrancy to a space, which is exactly what you need when trying to cheer up a gloomy day.

This Honey Orange Curtain Set from Urban Outfitters shows you can use orange curtains to liven up even the most boring of spaces and works particularly well with a pale yellow wall.


Florals are one of the most versatile styles out there. You can use them in almost every space in your house.

What Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls?

They’re easy to care for, come in many different shapes and sizes, and are available at a wide range of price points.

This Floral and Nature Curtain Set from Anady Top is perfect. 

Yellow And White Tie Dye

Tie-dye has been around forever, but its popularity has recently surged thanks to all the new ways people are using it.

These tie-dyed curtains are a great way to bring a little bit of nostalgia to your space while still keeping with the current trends, and it’s a great way to link yellow from your wall color into the curtains.

Check out this great set from Etsy! 

Tips And Tricks For Buying Curtains

There are several things to consider before buying curtains. First, choose a fabric that compliments your decor.

Second, pick a pattern that matches your room’s theme. Third, select a color that goes well with your furniture and other accessories.

Finally, consider the size of the window and whether you want them to open or close.

Choosing Fabric For Your Curtains

Fabric is one of the most important factors when it comes to selecting curtains. It should complement the rest of your decor and match the overall feel of your space.

When shopping for curtains, make sure they fit properly by measuring the width and length of your windows.

Also, measure how high the curtain rod needs to be placed. You may need to purchase extra rods depending on where you place your curtains.

Patterns For Curtain Colors

When picking a print, keep in mind that some patterns can be difficult to see through the sheer curtains.

This means that you might not be able to tell which part of the room you’re looking at unless you’re sitting right next to the window.

Choose a pattern that’s easy to read and won’t get lost against the background.

Color Choices For Curtains

The last thing to think about when choosing curtains is the color. There are three basic choices: light, medium, and dark.

Light colors include whites, off-whites, yellows, greens, grays, and blues. Medium colors include oranges, reds, pinks, purples, and browns.

Dark colors include blacks, maroons, burgundies, and deep blue tones.

How To Measure Your Window Size

Whether you are making curtains yourself or buying them online, be sure that you are measuring out your space correctly!

This will save you so much hassle in the long run and is well worth the effort of a few minutes’ work to get right!

Step 1: Start by taking measurements from the top of the window frame to the bottom. Make sure to measure both sides of the window.

Step 2: Next, add the height of the window itself.

Step 3: Finally, add another inch or two to ensure that the curtain hangs evenly across the entire window.

If you are ordering custom curtains online, you should always check the size chart first before placing your order.

The sizes listed on our website are based on standard measurements, but many do offer custom sizing upon request.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks — yellow walls can be tricky to work with, but listed above are some quality ideas to give you a little bit of inspiration.

Some are bold and brave, others are subtle and tasteful. Which route you take is up to you!

Erica Bopst