What Color Curtains Go With White Walls?

White is the most popular color choice for walls for a reason.

It’s light, it’s airy, it makes a space seem larger, and it’s just about as neutral as any shade could possibly be.

What Color Curtains Go With White Walls?

This means that you have your work cut out for you when picking out color schemes for your finishing touch decorations like curtains.

Sure, having a lot of options is a nice problem to have, but unless you have a fully realized idea of what your home will look like, it can leave you with a wicked bout of option paralysis.

With all the colors of the rainbow (and many from beyond the rainbow) to choose from, how on Earth are you supposed to decide which is right for you?

But don’t panic — I’m here to help you with your curtain color conundrum.

In this article, I’ll be taking you through which curtain colors work with white and why, and I’ll give you some tips on how to choose too! Let’s get started.

How To Choose A Curtain Color

Choosing a curtain color is predominantly a game of compliment and contrast.

Your curtains should either pair beautifully with your walls and furniture (as if you were creating an outfit for yourself), or they should stand out magnificently, demanding attention, but not in such a way that the hue curdles with your wall and furniture colors.

A great way to get some inspiration for color combos in your home is to use a color wheel, but unfortunately, white walls have so many possibilities, a color wheel may not help you to be quite as decisive as it would if you had, say, gray or green walls.

The good news is that I can rule out a whole set of curtain shades for your white walls right here right now… beiges and creams.

These pale off-white colors simply don’t stand out enough against your white walls, which leads to them bleeding together in a big ill-defined mess.

That said, if you’re really into this kind of look, by all means, ignore me. Home is where the heart is, so you should follow your heart when it comes to decorating it.

Curtain Colors That Work Wonderfully With White Walls


Although white really opens a room up and lets it breathe, if it’s a pure shade, it can have quite a cooling effect, which is why you may want to warm things up a bit with a splash of tasteful yellow.

Now, I’m not talking like… fluorescent, high vis, toxic waste-style yellow. I’m talking quite deep, almost mustardy yellow, perhaps even with a finely textured finish.


If you’re going for a lighthouse/nautical theme, then deep, navy blue is the only way to go, but, admittedly, this is pretty niche.

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, a pale blue will go down an absolute treat!

It will add to the cool atmosphere of the room, which can help ease the stress of a stifling summer scorcher, but if you need to warm the space up a bit, you can add some warmer accents in the way of cushion covers that incorporate a few brighter colors.


Here’s another nice, cool color idea for a white wall pairing: greeny-blue.

There are endless blends of these two beautiful colors, and the outcomes are even more stunning than the constituent parts.

As previously mentioned, blue can seem a little seaside-esque, so if you live in a landlocked area, it may not be all that fitting.

However, throw in a touch of green, and the whole vibe changes completely!

While turquoise and teals still offer a pelagic nod, it’s a lot more subtle and tasteful, conjuring ideas of natural beauty.

Sage Green

While deep, forest greens are certainly an option, they can be hard to pair with other furnishings, which is why I’d suggest something a little less stark, something like sage green.

What Color Curtains Go With White Walls?

Sage green is quite pale, yet it is distinctive, not to mention very “in” right now.

It has the modern sophistication of gray, but the pastel playfulness of more vibrant hues.

It’s smart, it’s timeless, and it’s oh so beautiful.

It sits somewhere on the line of the warm/cool dichotomy, so if you’re looking for a middle ground between these extremes, sage green is the way to go.

It’s also suitable for every single room. It will work just as well with a white-walled living room as it will with a white-walled bathroom.


We’re going full contrast with this one, folks!

If you really want your curtains to stand out amidst your four white walls, why not try experimenting with some beautiful black fabrics.

Not only will black curtains look incredibly striking in a white room, they’ll offer maximum privacy and light blocking potential.

So, if you like your business to remain just that, black is a solid choice.

In fact, their ability to block light makes them a fantastic option for a bedroom window.

They’ll stop that meddling morning sun in its tracks, allowing you to get the lovely lie in you deserve — hooray!


Similar to yellow, a subtle gold will also work well against white walls, but the trick is to not go too shiny and sparkly.

A mild gold hue will emphasize the sunlight coming through the window, helping to imbue the space with warmth, which will keep your spirits up day to day.

That said, gold can come off quite decadent, which will work better in larger rooms than it will in more diminutive spaces, so bear that in mind before purchasing curtains of this color.

Why Stick With Just One Color?

In my household, we have two sets of curtains.

One set is composed of cooling oceanic shades that we use during the warmer months, and the other is composed of soul-warming hues that we put up throughout the colder months.

As long as money’s no object, you could even purchase a curtain set to complement or contrast every single season!

Final Thoughts

There you have it!

As white is such a versatile color, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully, it’s helped to get the creative juices flowing, making your decision process a little more manageable.

Have fun decorating!

Erica Bopst