What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls?

What color curtains go with green wall paint? Green is a very popular color for both interior and exterior design.

Green is a great choice for those who want to add some life to their home or office space.

What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls?

It is also a good option for those who want to create a relaxing atmosphere inside their homes, and so is a perfectly versatile color that is soaring in popularity.

However, choosing the right colors for your room can be tricky.

If you don’t know what color goes well with green, then you might be stuck wondering what you should choose and what colors go best.

In this article, we’ll show you how to pick the perfect color combination for your living room or other office or home space when you have painted the walls green and you are searching for your perfect pair of curtains.

Let’s jump in.

How To Choose A Color Scheme

The first thing to consider when picking out curtains for a green room is whether you want them to match the walls or not.

If you decide to match the curtains to the walls, then it will make your room look more complete and cohesive.

However, if you want to keep things simple, then it may be better to stick with a neutral curtain set that matches any color walls as opposed to matching the curtains to the walls so you can easily switch things around if you get bored.

If you’re going to match the curtains to your walls, then you need to think about which shades of green work best together.

There are many different types of greens, but there are three main categories: earthy greens, cool greens, and bright greens. 

Earthy greens tend to be darker and muted while cool greens are lighter and brighter. Bright greens are usually the most vibrant and energetic of all the colors.

You’ll notice that these colors are often used in nature. For example, moss tends to be a dark green while the grass is light green.

When it comes to choosing curtains for a green room, it is important to consider what colors go with the shade of green you have opted for.

You are not going to want to match light and bright cool green with a deep red. Therefore, finding the perfect match can be tricky.

That’s where we come in! Below are some of our suggestions on which colors work best with green walls, which should give you an idea of what might work best for your own home.

Curtain Colors To Match Green Walls

Neutral Curtain Sets

Neutral sets are always a safe bet because they are easy to mix and match.

They are also a good way to ensure that you won’t end up with too much contrast between the curtains and the walls.

They are also a great choice if you are looking to change things up and try something new without having to worry about mixing two completely different colors.

Darker Shades Of Blue And Brown

Darker shades of blue and brown are a classic choice for a bedroom. They are also a nice way to bring warmth into a room.

The key to making sure that everything works together is by using similar tones. For instance, you could use a pale blue and a medium brown when paired with green walls.

This would create a very soothing effect that resembles the earth.

Light Cool Greens

What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls?

Light cool greens such as mint, lime, and avocado are a great option for rooms that feature lots of natural elements like plants and greenery.

These colors are calming and relaxing. They are also a popular choice for bedrooms since they help to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Green on green is not a choice for everyone but it certainly has its benefits if you’re brave enough.

Bold Warm Browns

Browns are another classic choice for bedrooms. They are warm and cozy. They are also a classic color that goes well with almost anything else.

That being said, they do not necessarily need to be combined with other colors and some bold warm brown curtains will create a calm ambiance to any room with green walls.

Deep Red

Deep reds are bold and dramatic. They are also one of the most powerful colors in the world. When paired with green, they make a stunning combination.

However, they are not recommended for smaller spaces or those who prefer more subdued colors. In a smaller space, they can feel a little too overwhelming.

It’s also best to pair this shade of red with much darker green walls as it often clashes with cooler greens.

Soft Pastels

Pastel colors are soft and pretty to create a gentle touch to any room with green walls.

They are also a lot easier to pair with each other than other colors if you wanted to mix and match.

You will find that pastels look amazing against any type of wall color, including green and they are also a fun way to add a pop of color to a space.


Black is a timeless color that never goes out of style. It is a strong color that can easily stand alone. If you have green walls, then it makes sense to choose black curtains.

It is a simple yet effective choice and will draw attention to the striking green walls if that is the effect you are after.


Plaid is a pattern that looks great in any setting.

Whether you are going for a traditional look or a modern vibe, plaid is a versatile fabric that looks great in many different types of settings.

It is a classic choice for bedrooms and can work wonders in creating a calming environment when paired with cool green walls.


No matter if you choose pure white, off-white, or any other shade, choosing white curtains will make your green walls seem royal and elegant.

They especially work well with darker shades of green, as the white will allow the green to pop out and make a bold, yet sophisticated statement.


Beige is a neutral color that is easy to pair with just about anything. It is a safe bet for bedrooms and works well with any kind of decor.

It is also a very soft color so it is a great choice for bedrooms as it can help send you off to sleep. 

When paired with green walls, it can create a warming atmosphere and is great if you want to be slightly more subdued with your decor.

Final Thoughts

If you have recently painted your walls green and were looking for some color suggestions for what color curtains you should buy, we hope this article has helped.

Although green is a bold wall choice, these color curtains will work with your decor, depending on the atmosphere you are going for, and promise to make that color pop! So why not try them out today!

Erica Bopst