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Virtual Home Staging 

Looking to have your home virtual staged to maximize on your real estate profits? Try our top-tier virtual staging today.

Virtual staging and
design consultations. 

In-person shopping and
room design. 

Designs for increased
real estate profits.

Bring out the real beauty of your listings

We understand that good listing imagery is the cornerstone of the home selling process. We help you quickly, easily, and inexpensively edit and enhance photos, remove clutter, and virtually stage rooms.

Or, Click Here for a free, complimentary, no obligation consultation.

Quick, easy, and no strings attached. No credit card required. 15-minute Consultation. 

Why choose us? 

Tailored home design services just for you

Are you looking to sell your home for top dollar and as fast as humanly possible? Do you want to create the space you've always dreamed of in your own home? Maybe, you just want to rearrange your favorite space to its full potential? Let Modern Style Staging take the guess work out of the equation. 

Are you ready for your home to be a place where everyone wants to cuddle up with a cup of hot coffee and their favorite blanket? It's always been very important to me to create an environment for my family that feels cozy and warm. I can help you create the space you've been dreaming of, and leave you with the tips to make changes throughout the seasons that leave you feeling comfy cozy. By the way, the more your house feels like home the more money others are willing to pay for it to be theirs! 

Erica bopst - design professional

Consultation Services

Virtual Staging at $72

Transform your listing by turning vacant rooms into beautiful, stylish, virtually staged spaces.

  • The Most Photo-Realistic & Affordable Virtual Home Staging
  • Lightning Fast Turnaround Times To Meet Your Deadline
  • Unlimited Revisions On Every Staging Order
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction - You aren't satisfied? We Fix it. 

Photo Realistic Virtual Staging Done For You

Let's Get STarted!

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