How To Mix And Match Pillows On A Sofa

How often do you get tired of looking at the same old sofa or bed? So why not try mixing and matching pillows if you want to change things up?

This way, you can create a unique look without spending too much time or effort.

Mixing and matching pillows is a fun and inexpensive way to spruce up your home decor.

How To Mix And Match Pillows On A Sofa

The possibilities are endless, from adding a pop of color to creating a new pattern.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to add some variety to your living space.

Instead, mix and match pillows to create a unique look without spending hours searching for the perfect pieces.

Combine different pillows to give your furniture more character.

Mixing and matching pillow patterns will allow you to make the most out of your existing items or find something that fits with your current style.

For example, if you love stripes but don’t have any in your room, consider purchasing an accent pillow with a striped design.

It will brighten up your room, but it will also help to tie together all of the other elements in your room.

Matching Your Pillows To Your Wallpaper

If you’re bored with your current walls, you may be interested in changing the layout.

You could take a piece of paper and cut off different shapes of your own choosing. You can use these as placemats or even wallpaper designs.

Here’s what you should know before you begin to wallpaper your room:

Know What Type Of Paper You Need

You’ll first need to determine which type of paper you’ll use. Several types of wallpaper are available, including textured, solid-colored, printed, and water-based.

Some pieces come pre-cut into sizes that are easy to hang, while others require hand rolling or taping.

It’s best to start by reading through the product packaging to see what material is used.

Determine What Size Pieces Of Paper You Have

Next, you’ll need to figure out what size sheet of paper you’ll be working with. Then you can get wallpapering!

Soft Furnishings

Introducing soft furnishings is a great way to create a warm space in your home.

Use cushions, throws, and blankets to add warmth and comfort to your living area.

Use soft colors such as brown, tan, and cream when looking for pieces for your living room.

When hanging artwork or mirrors on a wall, always keep two things in mind: where the light source is coming from and whether you want people to walk behind the artwork.

For example, suppose you choose placement based on the latter idea.

In that case, you won’t want to put a mirror directly opposite a window because people will be able to see themselves reflected in the glass.

If you’d rather have something between you and those who enter the room, consider placing a small table in front of the mirror.

Or, if you’d prefer to avoid having anyone walk past at all, try installing a large painting instead.

Hang Artwork

When putting up artwork, it’s good to make sure it’s hung evenly spaced across the wall.

Then, once it’s up, test to find out just how high the center of each square needs to be.

You don’t want to place anything too close to the ceiling because it might fall down.

Keep It Simple

If you decide to go with a more straightforward approach, you can easily change the look of your room by simply switching out one accent pillow or throw pillow.

For example, adding a few bright red pillows to an otherwise neutral color scheme might give your room a fun pop of color to perk it up.

Add Texture With Throw Covers

In addition to pillows and throws, you can also use other objects to add texture to a room.

For example, try covering your couch or coffee table with a thick rug to add depth to the area.

Play Around With Patterns

Many people love patterned wallpaper, and this is a great way to incorporate some visual interest into a dull space.

But before you settle on any particular option, take a moment to think about how it would fit into your existing decor.

Would it work? Wouldn’t it clash? How would it look in a smaller space than your entire house?

Work With What You Have

Don’t worry if there isn’t much furniture in your room yet; a simple bedspread or colorful cushion is enough to spruce up a plain bedroom.

Keep Things Clean

One of the easiest ways to keep a room looking clean and tidy is to invest in a couple of dustpans and start cleaning every day.

This will help keep clutter at bay and allow you to focus on what really matters – making your home beautiful!

Add Accent Lighting

Incorporating lighting throughout your home can transform even the smallest rooms.

While standard lamps are fine, you may want to invest in decorative fixtures to bring a little extra flair to a space.

Just remember that if you’re using incandescent bulbs, you’ll need to replace them every year or so.

Go Green

Using eco-friendly materials in your home is becoming increasingly popular these days.

From bamboo floors to green paint, there’s no end to the number of ways you can reduce waste while enhancing your home’s beauty.

Bring The Outside In

Bring The Outside In

If you live in a city apartment, you probably already know that fresh air and sunshine are the best remedies for a stuffy room.

However, there’s no reason you can’t include both elements in the most unexpected places.

For instance, you could hang a pair of curtains in a window to create a lovely indoor/outdoor seating arrangement.

Switch Up Your Furniture

Of course, nothing looks better than a new piece of furniture in a room.

But if you’ve been working hard to achieve a specific look in your space, you might benefit from changing things up.

You can quickly shift your style from “I’m going all out” to “I’m feeling relaxed” with scatter cushions.

Create An Impressive Fireplace

Consider investing in a bigger model if you have a fireplace in your living room, but it’s not quite big enough to get the job done.

Doing so will provide a welcoming focal point, but it’ll also save you money since you won’t need to heat a smaller room as often.

Mixing Textures

To mix textures, try combining different fabrics with varying levels of thickness.

For example, add a thick throw pillow in one spot of the room and a thin cushion elsewhere.

Or place a large carpet against a hardwood floor and small rugs in front of your sofa.

Add Colorful Prints

Adding color to a white wall is an easy way to make a space more attractive. Think of artwork that has lots of bright colors and patterns.

Whether you choose a print, painting, or framed photo, just don’t go too abstract and avoid anything too busy.

Get Creative With Cushions

Get Creative With Cushions

When choosing cushions, be sure to pick something you love. Also, make sure they coordinate well with the rest of the room and that their size fits snugly.

Make Sure They Fit

You should always measure your sofa before buying any kind of cushion.

You must accept the right size because if your pillow is too small, it won’t fit well together with the other pieces of furniture.

Avoid Stains

Once you’ve purchased all of your cushions, take care to store them carefully.

Place them away from direct sunlight and moisture, and keep them wrapped tightly whenever storing them away.

This will help ensure that your cushions last longer.

Try A Wicker Headboard

Investing in a wicker headboard is another simple way to give your bedroom a unique touch. It’ll instantly transform a plain bed into a stylish accent in the room.

Include More Plants

While you may think plants are only good for making your house smell nice, they’re actually highly versatile for decorating.

For instance, you can use tall potted plants in corners and along window sills for added texture and visual interest.

Choose A Rug That Matches The Floor

If you want to eliminate the possibility of having an ugly patchwork rug, stick to solid options.

A chevron pattern is the easiest choice, while polka dots are fun and modern.

Go With Black-and-White Stripes

Stripes of black or cream work great as accents in any living area. Consider placing them over a larger piece of furniture such as an armchair or coffee table.

Stick To Neutral Colors

If you prefer a more subtle approach, go with neutrals like gray, taupe, and light blue. These shades are classic and never go out of style.

Combine Patterned Rugs With Solid Options

Patterns are a fun way to create contrast without being overwhelming.

First, pick a pattern that complements the room’s overall style, then combine this with softer tones.

Mixing Colors

Mixing Colors

To mix colors, try combining different fabrics with varying levels of thickness.

For example, add a thick throw pillow in one spot of the room and a thin cushion elsewhere.

Or place a large carpet against a hardwood floor and small rugs in front of your sofa.

Use Fabric Pile Cushions

Pile fabric cushions are inexpensive to add dimension and texture to a living room. They come in many styles and sizes and are usually quite affordable.

Buy An Ottoman

Ottomans are used indoors and outdoors, providing a flexible solution to your seating needs. Opt for a traditional look by going for wood, metal, or leather.

Consider adding some bright elements to make the ottoman pop.

Designate One Area As Your Reading Spot

Most people spend their entire day reading, so choosing an area where you have easy access to books, magazines, and newspapers makes sense.

In addition, having designated areas for each task allows you to focus more and avoid getting distracted.

Update Your Furniture

Whether you need to replace old furniture or just change the color scheme, updating your home isn’t always expensive or time-consuming.

By changing up your furnishings, you’ll be able to refresh your space and enjoy the benefits of new furniture for years to come.

Use Baskets To Organize Artwork

You can take advantage of baskets even if you have a minimal amount of wall space.

Create Storage Cubbies

Out of sight doesn’t mean it’s useless. Wall-mounted storage cubbies allow you to keep essential items close at hand.

Add An Oversized Mirror

Mirror frames aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they reflect light throughout the room.

Hang a mirror above a fireplace mantel or in front of a window for extra illumination.

Transform Small Rooms Into Big Spaces

Sometimes, it takes a bit of creativity to turn a cramped space into a cozy retreat.

Look around your home for ideas that will help you achieve the ultimate scheme.


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