How To Arrange Living Room Furniture With Fireplace And TV

Living rooms are usually the largest space in the house. They are often the center of family life and social gatherings.

The living room should be comfortable, functional, and attractive.

How To Arrange Living Room Furniture With Fireplace And TV

The way that furniture is arranged in a living room determines a lot. It can make or break an entire design scheme.

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to arrange your living room furniture with a fireplace and TV then keep reading!

We have gathered some great tips and tricks from professional interior designers who know what they’re doing.

Arranging Furniture In A Living Room With A Fireplace And TV

Use A Sofa As A Focal Point

You’ll want to use a large piece of seating furniture like a sofa or sectional couch as a central focus in your living room.

This is because couches and sofas are usually the quickest things someone notices when walking into the living room.

This will help set the tone for the rest of the room. You don’t need to go overboard though. A simple sofa will do just fine.

Use the sofa as the main focus of the room.

This means arranging the rest of your furniture around the sofa and using it as the place where people sit down to relax after coming home from work or school.

Make sure that this is the most important part of the room.

Put The Television In The Corner

Place the television in one of the corners of the room. This gives the room more balance and makes it feel larger than if the television was placed centrally.

Depending on where your fireplace is, aim to put the TV in a corner adjacent. That way the TV is isolated yet still close to the fireplace.

This gives the room a very cozy feel and creates a sense of intimacy between the two pieces of furniture. Plus it’s easier to stay warm as you watch TV. 

Place Your Coffee Table Close To The Fireplace

Fireplaces automatically become the central focus of any room. This is because they’re a lot rarer in the home nowadays.

So if someone walks into your living room, and there’s a naked clown and fireplace, they’re more likely to notice the fireplace first and then the naked clown. 

Honor the fact that the fireplace is the focus of the room and arrange your main furniture around the fireplace.

For example, you could place your coffee table close to the fireplace and then arrange your sofas around the fireplace.

As for the TV, it could go just beside the fireplace, so it doesn’t take much effort to shift focus between the two.

Place Your TV Above Your Fireplace

Most fireplaces have a fire pit at the bottom and then are encased in stone chimneys.

The stone chimney can sometimes also be embedded into the walls so all you see is the pit.

How To Arrange Living Room Furniture With Fireplace And TV

But this means that there’s free wall space above the fireplace. 

Since the fireplace is already the central focus of the room, placing the TV above the fireplace will create a much grander focus.

There will be no doubt about where you’re meant to look. 

Obviously, when placing your TV above the fireplace you must do so safely and carefully.

Be sure to use wall brackets with screws and nails, and make sure the TV is secure.

Wall brackets are great for keeping your TV safe and stable while you watch it. They come in different sizes and shapes depending on what type of bracket you need.

You can get them online or at hardware stores.

Also, remember to place the TV high up on the wall and not too close to the firepit.

The last thing you want is your TV to suffer from heat damage, or worse, to fall into the fireplace. 

Place Your Other Pieces Of Furniture Around The Fireplace

Every piece of furniture in your living room is movable. The fireplace is not. So it makes a lot more sense to arrange the furniture that can move around the piece that can’t.

If you’ve got other pieces of furniture in your living room, try to place them around the fireplace. It’ll give the room a nice flow and make it seem bigger.

It’s the same principle as placing the coffee table in front of the fireplace but involves every piece of furniture and not just the main pieces like coffee tables and sofas.

Place The TV Opposite The Fireplace

Early we said to try putting the TV above the fireplace, well this is an entirely opposite idea.

By placing the TV against the wall opposite the fireplace you create two competing focuses for the room. 

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can make a living room feel a lot bigger than it is as it gives the illusion that the room has a lot more going on than in reality.

You also don’t have to worry about TV safety since it’s nowhere near the fireplace. 

Also having the fireplace behind you rather than in front of you is a lot better for heat circulation. It’ll keep you warm a whole lot better in those pesky winter months.

Just make sure not to put anything too close to the fireplace.

Since all the focus will be on the TV you won’t be able to watch the fireplace and if any sparks were to jump out and cause a fire, you wouldn’t immediately know.

But so long as there’s no furniture immediately in front of the fireplace or within a dangerous radius then you don’t have to worry. Always practice fireplace safety. 

Final Thoughts

TVs are common in so many houses that it’s practically assumed all furniture is arranged around it. But when you have a fireplace things change.

You have to take them both into account and arrange the furniture in the best way to show them both off. 

Fireplaces and TVs complement each other. We’ve given you some ideas on how to best arrange your furniture around them to make your living room look absolutely fabulous.

Any of these are sure to make your house a home.

Erica Bopst